Automating Customer Experience Agents’ Evaluation with Natural Language Processing

  • Nicolás García Aramouni
  • Nahuel Pelli
  • Lucas Soules
  • Julieta De Antonio
  • Ines Nosetti
  • Juan Cazorla
  • Pedro Fraguas


The importance and relevance of online commerce in society have grown uninterruptedly over the last years, with people changing their purchasing habits. The COVID-19 pandemic significantly accelerated this adoption, as quarantines forced people to stay in their homes. Under this scenario, online shopping became a more convenient option, considering product availability, the possibility to compare prices and shipping options, and door-to-door delivery. With this, e-commerce retailers and marketplaces must give excellent customer service to their customers, especially in this context when most activities are returning to their pre-COVID levels and restrictions. To manage customers that have any kind of problem, digital marketplaces and retailers usually have a team of Customer Experience (CX) agents that interact, talk and answer clients’ questions and inquiries, avoiding any potential negative situations on three different channels: voice calls, e-mails, and chat messages.

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García Aramouni, N., Pelli, N., Soules, L., De Antonio, J., Nosetti, I., Cazorla, J., & Fraguas, P. (2022). Automating Customer Experience Agents’ Evaluation with Natural Language Processing. Memorias De Las JAIIO, 8(1), 66-69. Recuperado a partir de
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